Almost Christmas.

Advent went well. Its the first time I really paid attention to Advent. It was worth it. I celebrated The Feast of the Immaulate Conception &The Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe.I got some reading done. I didn’t send out cards. Gets old when you send cards and most don’t send you any to you.School pictures no longer come in cards. Another victum of computers.Eventually my

husband got some ligjts for the front porch and the fake rubber plant. And a wreath. He likes decorating. I think of all the work taking it down. So its simple this year. He and my son like theholidays. Me and my brothers haven’t been the same since dad died near Christmas and was buried the day after. Mom never celebrated it again. If a holiday could be grabbed by the scruff of the neck and thrown out-that was my picture of it. But for my spouse and son I try not to be Debbie Downer. Fourtunatly this year there was a penitential service to take my mind off it.

I got my husband a gag gift and my son two things he wanted. Me,I’m still paying bills for the month.(They dont go away because its a holiday)Got insurance to go.Ain’t counting the doctor till I get a bill.

There is mass tomorrow. It’ll be nice. See all the once-a-year people. But I do get sad being the only one going.

All-in-allit was amusing watching news reports about all the shoppers and how much$$$they expect to make. Secularmass-bah humbug!

A Gift

To my readers,you are a small yet mighty group. For the holidays I gift you with a favorite story of mine.

We lived for years in an RV/Campground in a mobile home. My son was about 2 at the time. Young children wake early,before sunrise early. One morning I’m getting ready when I suddenly hear,”Mom!” I came running,fear in my heart. I get to the door of his room and he says softly ,in an awe filled voice,”Stars Mom. Stars” We lived in the country and he’d looked out the window and saw stars. To wow him further I turned off his light and let him see many more stars in the sky.

Its been my faveorite for years now. He is grown but Ican still hear the wonder in his voice.

Merry Christmas ,Happy Holidays.


This year I chose to observe advent. We are putting Christmas off until after Christmas. My husband and I agree we got pretty much what we want or need. If we want something we’ll go when the sales are at clearence prices.My husband is pretty sharp.

Advent has a fast with it that can be as strict if not stricter than the Lenten fast. So far I’m zero on that. I have made it to mass for celebrating Mary. I’m taking part in a bible study-infancy narratives of Jesus. I’m getting a lot from that. I will probably keep looking at this after the study is over.

And not having the tree and lights up turned out to be fortunate. Our heater went on the fritz and tried to take all the lights in the house with it. We ran around unplugging every thing not needing power. We froze last night but things are better now.(future fixes up ahead). I was grateful and that for me was the best Christmas present.

“Have You Seen Luis Velez”

This novel is by Catherine Ryan Hyde. It is the story of an unlikely friendship. Raymond is a teenager who feelsout of place both in his mother& stepfather’s home as well as his father and his wife. His best friend moves so he is only left with a stray cat. But he meets his neighbor,an elderly woman who is blind. She has been asking neighbors if they’ve seen Luis Velez. They ignore her as if shes crazy. Millie is as sharp as a tack. She can’t get to the bank and grocery store without help. Raymond and Mrs .G form a deep friendship. And he goes searching for the missing Mr. Velez. He is in New York City so his search is daunting. He meets many Luis Velez’s. Many are good hearted. Some can be scary.

The author hits all the right notes with this book. Charecters are fully formed not just carecetures of people. I would tell you morebut it would ruin this multi-facted jewelof a book.

Its been a long time since I read fiction. There are tons of female charecters,all the same:rich,killer looks, and a curious combonation of temperment-vulnerable yet headstrong. Really? A nymore I read that in a description I drop it like poison ivy. Giveme Raymond’s mom any day. Shes real. Not like the Bambis.

I was teary yet satisfied with the ending.

I also discovered that reading a book before bed changes the endless ring of tboughts my brain chews on when the neighborhood dog barks in the middle of the night. Instead of thinking about my own kid ,I was wondering what happens next with Raymond and Mrs. G. Happy accident.

Birthday …

Today is my birthday(to be sung to rock song”You Say its Your Birthday).Its going to be a quiet day. Vetern’s Day is also today. I could say it sucks having a birthday on a holiday,but maybe I should count my blessings instead. My honey is out of town and my son is hiding out in his room playing video games. Rare is the son sightings. Heard loud banging from his room,hoped it was the game machine breaking. Nah. I think he was on the phone.

I’ll either make a frozen pizza for dinner or just skip making dinner. In our home birthday boys/girls don’t cook and get their favorite made. My husband loves spaghetti. My son likes his dad’s lasagna. Me? I like spaghetti noodles in alfredo sauce with a ton of stir fried vegies(from frozen bag),tomatos,&any leftover vegies. I’m leaning toward being mostly vegetarian but with exceptions. Like mexican food made by Mexicans. There is a difference. They dont call Taco Bell gringo bell for nothing . Last week I had such a fierce urge for some of the taco truck’s tacos. Shredded beef,salsa,cheese,&a squeeze of lime. Especially the lime on beef. There has to be a recipie with those two in- grediants. If it were up to me it would have taco seasoning too. Maybe a roast-taco roast. It’ll never happen my friends. Husband hates garlic😢,bell peppars. Son says onions dont agree with him. Cooking for these two is harder than picky restaurant customers. I’ll never get them to try Steamboat soup. A Thai soup that is heavenly. Looks like tomato but every bite is adifferent flavor- lemon,mint,spice. I had it once and took some home ,I liked it so much. Our nearest Thai restaurant is hours away. Hopefully one will come to Little Rock.

Maybe I need to skip the food today. Give my body a break too.

I’m a little wierd about my birthday. The idea of a party,friends &laughter sound sweet to me. Longed for it my whole life. But here is the wierd part-it would embarrass me too. I think that drawing attention to one’s self was frowned upon. I really dont know. My brother is gregarious and out going with people. They flock to him😎.I’m related to Joe Cool.

I’m grateful I got my bulbs in the ground yesterday. Its turning cold today. Cold&wet. I’m doing laundry so that I have my warmmies clean. Got to switch loads. Have a drink for me .

…or a strong black coffee.

Bits &Bops

How do you like my fan club?😀 This blog is still finding its direction. But today I was putting my fans out of the way and I thought of that.

Nan-No -Wri-Mo has been hounding me to start. I usually start strong. Like I use to in the physical fittness challenge. Start off leading. Yay!not. As my former track runner brother use to point out you dont waste all your energy at once. He used Dave Waddel as an example.

So I am good at starts,got ideas for ends but its the middles that fall flat. Got to work on my middles.

And speaking of middles I need to work on mine. Got weight to lose. I want to lose enough to lose the cholesteral drugs. And of course to fit back in normal size clothes would be a dream. Slow&steady wins the race. I am aimming to eat the same for always. More exersize and drop the sugar. More people who are sucessful seem to figure out their own plan. Annie Acorn wrote a little kindle e-book about her weight loss as an older woman. She made no claims that it would work for anyone but her. But the sheer simplicity of it…

I heard another cool tip. When you have a lot to lose break it down into smaller chunks. Like 10 pound chunks. I’m looking foward to loose clothes.

Salute to Cato stores. They have nice clothes &affordable for large ladies as well as s-m-l ladies. The same items. And its not grandma fashion! Well made too.


November and fall finally comes around. And how does the net I read talk about November?Death. Ends. Falling leaves add to that image,but consider this-many people were born this month. People who rarely celebrate birthdays with parties. My son was born before-the day before,Thanksgiving. He has had two birthday “partys” in his life. One at one on Thanksgiving with his grandparents in attendence. And another with some friends come over for cake.

My nephew(as well as my grandfather)have birthdays on Christmas. His parents celebrate his birthday in the summer. He gets to pass for one of those lucky dogs-spring/summer babies.

Spring/Summer(S&S) people have never been told everyone is too busy to attend. S&S parties are great fun. Then your birthday roles around and no one has time. You spend all year waiting for your turn only to be passed up. Everyone is too busy. I know busy.

From October tillNew Years its non stop here. One anniversary ,3 birthdays,Halloween,Thanksgiving,&Christmas. By New Years I’m ready for a drink. Its gotten better though. Halloween in Arkansas is ruined yearly by party poopers.They hate it here. Wierd. This year is my last one. Want the candy?

We’ve trimmed birthday cakes to one. My family has birthdays every two weeks in fall. Husband&son both like chocolate cakes. Easy peesy make my son’s cake ‘the cake’.

This will be the first year with turkey. Turkey was banned from our old house because the power went out every time we cooked it. Had Thanksgiving roast,Tacos and lasagna.

Christmas we’ll vow frugalality.Is there anythi g sadder than adults killi g themselves for more junk. Myself I want to observe Advent.

I came across ,in my inbox a plethoria of November-Death articles. It made me sad and this aimless rant was born. Do me a favor-you all have fall/winter friends. Invite them for a drink. Or if its a kid bring a little toy for them. My mother in law use to send my son toy cars and trucks thru out the year. He liked getting “mail”. All you need is a padded envelope,tape,& postage.

And yes,I was born in November too. Veterans Day. My sister and I always had our birthdays off school.(she was born near new years)